Why Travel Phuket

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14 thoughts on “Why Travel Phuket

    1. Cannot agree more. However They do not come anywhere close to Pattaya when it comes to Massage parlours business. I will dedicate a post to that soonish. Saving grace to Pattaya is the island trips these travel companies operate and Karon beach. As a beach lover I will choose Krabi anyday.


  1. I spent a very short time in Phuket a few years ago and enjoyed the beach and the markets, but I preferred other parts of Thailand where I was able to get out into the countryside a little more. It’s positive to read how the locals have managed to rebuild their lives and businesses since the tsunami and it doesn’t sound like tourism has suffered!


    1. Tourism did suffer as an immediate aftermath but it is more than a decade now. People remember though. I read somewhere after the Tsunami, a lot of people went missing and dead bodies float often in the sea. Locals and international consumers let go eating sea food as a consequence. I would love to read your account of Thai experience. 🙂


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