Bangkok’s Floating Markets

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Bangkok‘s floating markets witness joyous family celebration as well as curious travelers’ footfall at large. You will see vibrant happy families feasting together on weekends with signature Thai dishes. They eat different varieties of food in smaller portions and fresh ingredients and herbs feature high on their choices. The floating markets are epitome of this waterborne civilization. Often situated on the tributaries of Chao Phraya river at Bangkok outskirts, floating markets are an ensemble of what a Thai fair looks like.


25 thoughts on “Bangkok’s Floating Markets

  1. Fried eggs among the food and your candid shots and of course Ankita z quirky iPhone cover my favourite clicks !! The Thai ambassador I shall call you !! Is anyone from tourism ministry reading this😬 Ms blogger fantastic spread of pictures waiting for the hamphi ,trip wonder what all you have to tell us excited and anticipating next blog 🤓

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    1. Ankita bought millions of Iphone covers if I am not wrong 😀
      Ha ha, i have so much more to wrwite abt Thailand but same applies for other destinations also. Hope to tell you the tale of Hampi sooner dear. Thanks a lot 😀

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      1. Nicely written. It was fun to read. Thailand does have a lot to offer in terms of culture and diversity.

        Krabi and Khao Phing Kan islands are already on my bucket list. 😀


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