Bangkok City Travel guide

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“When you ain’t being slowly grilled at a thousand in the shade, you are sousing in floods, or the house is falling about your devoted ears in a thunderstorm …

‘There is a filthy old river, the colour of milk chocolate, flavoured with the juices of countless defunct and deeply lamented household pets, and one’s servants consider this liquid such sacred nectar that they will wash your socks in it, and then make your tea with the same…Otherwise, of course, the place is all right.”

Eric Read, from Chequered Leaves in 1913


27 thoughts on “Bangkok City Travel guide

  1. The girl with the fan I like her a lot !!I liked the intro so much wonder how you write such words ,so apt to the content texture amazing you need a tap for that such hard work all night and who knows how many days !! I actually took time to comment as I was finding some of the words to be sure about the inner exact meaning, trust me !i would have never known that Genteel was a word so beautiful!! I loved the intro so much I read it twice actually 😛 the pics as usual my favourite is the two guards u have shown so true that is !! The tambourine Guard 😆 please write more travel more I can’t wait to hear about Vietnam , more about Darjeeling and of course Iceland soon !!! In sha Allah

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    1. I am so overwhelmed and a bit embarrassed to encounter a comment weighing so much acclaim! My heartfelt gratitude for you 🙂 Tambourine is my favorite song, so is that guy !!! I hope I can write more with better standard and never fail the motivation you create for me.
      About Vietnam, I have volumes to write. Just wondering when to start!!!

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    1. Haha. I was in fact put off by the Lumpini park, But the water monitor made it up for me 😀 hey are not crocodiles but big, really big lizards. Thais eat them in Northern park of the country 🙂


  2. This is a beautiful post about Bangkok and I love your intro. With all the sightseeing, I didn’t get in much shopping time (plus my husband has no patience for it). Next time I’ll have to spend some time doing this on my own. Great photos and very nice blog.

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  3. Hi, one day I hope to visit. I had never though of it as a shopping destination. If im lucky enough to visit in the future I will have a very similar iternary, shopping river cruise followed by a nice meal in China Town. Time to get saving.

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    1. haha. Bangkok is a craze among Indian female population for their quirky collection. and it is cheaper than what Indian e commerce sells. Do visit Thailand sometime. Quite an experience!


  4. Great pictures of one of my favourite places ( but only for a few days) at a time….I love China Town and always stay at the Shanghai Mansion it is so quirky..just an amazing place and central to the markets which I love . Good post 🙂

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    1. The world is full of amazing places and we only have fewer days to live by, with every sundown! BKK is great, I love it. I have seen Shanghai Mansion but never noticed the quirkiness though. To China Town, hell yes, all the love! I cannot get over their food honestly 🙂 Thanks a lot and welcome to orangewayfarer!

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      1. You have to go inside..They even have a dressing up room on one of the landings …such fun with old fashioned telephones, much and the rooms so cool 🙂 And yes every sundown is one less day so we need to live every day as if it was our last 🙂

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