Darjeeling, a quick trip to Himalayas

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[A tale of traveling in Darjeeling, a town of West Bengal, India for 2 nights by a group of five friends. Primary intention was to get drunk and make merry. But when in Darjeeling, expect to be enchanted.]



32 thoughts on “Darjeeling, a quick trip to Himalayas

  1. Everything was so apt, I still think there’s so much to be told about Darjeeling! All because of glorious 10 years of my stay there. Grew up in the hills with momos as my staple, thupka as lunch and titora as waiwaiii all time favourite snack!! The glenary’s was our favourite tea time place during the outings. A tight budget of 1400 and shopping and hopping around the hills!! See I can’t stop talking about it!! That’s what your blog has done to me !! Wallah 👏🏻👏🏻 would want to hear more from you and your trips. Great clicks!! Loved everything you wrote. This is good temptation to head off for all readers with backpack and head to the hills.

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    1. Of course you can go on chirping about Darjeeling. It is a thing of such beauty, demands much praise! I would love to invite you to blog most for me some day as a convent student of a hillstation! Cannot wait to hear more from you!

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      1. Sounds interesting , for sure 😄 may why not ! But all in all great coverage of this strip , some great hotels , food locations.

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  2. A very beautiful portrayal of the trip.. Loved the collection of pics u chose for it, as it must not have been easy considering u have to choose from a pool of thousands (only considering your camera).

    Only thing I can add as a suggestion looking back, is that 2 nights are never enough for Darjeeling..
    Atleast make it 4.. or maybe that might not feel enough too.. Feels like never coming back.

    Be aware that monsoons are not exactly the advised season to be in Darjeeling, so for those who loves more clouds and less crowd, that is the time.

    Also I think a due credit must go the locals , for being so simple,friendly and probably the best drivers I have seen..

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    1. Thank you so much!
      Yes 2 days was not enough for this somber town. Life is so easy and laid back in the lap of mountains. This week marks an year to the trip. About locals, they were undoubtedly the best part of the trip! I had to be careful about choosing the photos! Thanks to the group, we ended up with many clicks!


  3. My goodness you’ve painted quite the picture! I have yet to make my way to India, but when I do you can bet I’ll be referring back to this! Thanks for the wanderlust inspiration! xx

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  4. Fantastic portrayal of the entire journey!! Immensely enjoyed the article especially the beautiful clicks!! Makes me wonder’Why the hell have I not been to Darjeeling yet’

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  5. I loved reading this! I’ve yet to visit Darjeeling, but you conjured up such scenes that I think it’s a must! Thank you, and your photos compliment it wonderfully!


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