Bangkok’s China Town

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“In a city, you can be alone in a crowd, and in fact what makes the city a city is that it lets you hide the strangeness in your mind inside its teeming multitudes.”

Orhan Pamuk, A Strangeness in My Mind


26 thoughts on “Bangkok’s China Town

  1. Such beautiful affair !! This summons up my memories of China town experience in Kolkata city. A foodie like me is fond of a bona fide spread of Chinese cuisine. I’m glad that this blog was a lot to read and know about the place and tiny detailing, that’s why I’m a fan. 🙌🏻 So much learn from you this is a great blog and I feel so refurbished with the vocabulary and choice of words that you construct your idea through !! ♥️♥️♥️ Sabah

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    1. Much love for your kind words. If you plan a visit to thailand, do have a look to the streets of china town. The fried rice is an instant reminder of Kolkata one 🙂 The day has come we try and fine traces of childhood even in China Town. Truly we grew up in cosmopolitan world!

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